Bitcoin inheritance is difficult and if not given proper thought, it is likely that your coins will be inaccessible once you have passed. At Satskeeper our mission is to make Bitcoin inheritance easy. We help you set up a detailed Bitcoin inheritance plan to ensure that your heirs have all the information they need in order to access your coins once you are gone.

After having set up your Bitcoin inheritance plan we then regularly perform a proof-of-life check to verify if you are still alive. Once you have passed we then contact your heirs to provide your inheritance plan and assist them with the recovery process.

With Satskeeper you will never again have to worry about your Bitcoin legacy being lost or inaccessible after your death. Say goodbye to worrying about the future of your Bitcoin, and hello to peace of mind with Satskeeper.


Satskeeper is a service offered by:
Cosmic Capital Holding GmbH
Registration: CHE-113.306.911
Email: support@satskeeper.com